Try Circle Hop,

It’s one of the first endless arcade games ever to incorporate Apple’s new ‘Force Touch’ feature on the iPhone 6s. Unique in design and execution, in the game you control a hoop and either Force Touch, Swipe or Tap to hop from pivot to pivot. As you do, you collect points that are added to your score and credits which allow you to purchase any of the 10 unique hoops. The game has a very simple, minimalist design which one of our test user’s described as:

“A nice simplistic seeming game with new technologies incorporated. Good for those looking for a minimalistic high score chaser. Looks unique for those that are bored with the familiar genres used here.”

As well as this, as you progress, the game gets increasingly harder with the addition of spikes at both the top and bottom, plus pivots that move. Our target audience is casual gamers in the 10 – 30 age range. Try this highly addictive game for free on Friday 6th May.

Check out the previews below: